Eorgia DUI Laws compared with another states DUI laws.

Define the crime(DUI) and tell about its history
-use general research here; social science research
-tell the crimes legislative history
-if this was a crime that the model penal code included, what did they say about this crime?

How does Georgia detail the offense of DUI?
-what does the OCGA say about this crime?(only the pertinent part of the statute.
-how has georgia been ruling on cases in this area?
-what is georgia giving as typical punishments?

How are other states treating DUI(must compare one other states code and cases to georgias code and cases)
-how are cases outside of georgia interpreting this crime?
-are other states giving different punishments-more or less severe?

what are the trends in the law in this area?
-which states laws or trends do you think will prevail across the country? what do most people agree with?
-are more states likely to rule like georgia or like a different state in the future? why?
-is the law doing what it was designed to do?
-are there any public policy implications of this crime and the law on it?
-do you think the Georgia legislature needs to change the law in this area or alter any elements?


law journals etc

must cite and reference specific cases and include a bibliography