Eorgias House Bill 89, the impact it will have on restaurant and public transit workers.

Note: Two sources need to be from my colleges online library. I have those pulled and will send to my writer.

1) Write a research paper.
Using the audience analysis, research, insights you have gathered, and the outline and thesis statement you drafted, write an essay in APA format which includes:
a title page
an introduction (generally one paragraph) that introduces your topic and includes your thesis statement
body paragraphs (generally 5-6 pages) that present relevant research (cited with in-text citations in APA format) that supports your thesis statement
a conclusion (generally one paragraph) that concludes the specific points of your essay and restates your thesis statement
a list of the references you cited in your paper (in APA format)

Save your paper as an *.rtf (Rich Text Format) file and submit it as an attachment to this task.

2) Provide a copy of an earlier draft with an explanation of revisions.

I will need to submit at least one earlier draft that shows revisions you have made. Save this version as an *.rtf (Rich Text Format) file named DRAFTand submit it as an attachment to this task. Include an explanation (maximum of one page) of revisions you made to the earlier draft and how the final draft is an improvement over the earlier draft. Also describe the strengths and weaknesses of your writing.