Eotechnical Design for a bridge crossing a river

i want to briefly explain what is required from me.

we have a group project (4 people) to design a route Connecting the M2 with the A13 and the M25 between junctions 29 and 30.

each student has a different role:

? Geotechnical BEng student
? Structural BEng student
? Environmental BSc student
? Transportation BSc student

as explained in the coursework handout attached.

my role will be Geotechnical, detailed below:-
Geotechnical Design must include:
Note that Geotechnical Guidelines 1 and 2 have been produced, which provide more details, but essentially cover;
i?? An overview of the site geology
i?? A geotechnical cross-section, showing anticipated soil profile
i?? Detailed numerical analysis of a representative section
i?? Detailed design of a representative section, in accordance with EC7
i?? Appreciation of the uncertainties of parameters used
i?? Recognition of how uncertainties can be reduced
i?? Identification of existing underground services; dealing with such.
i?? Evaluation of environmental issues and risk assessment
i?? Practicality of building the chosen option
i?? Sustainability of the proposed design

( quoted from the assignment handout ) copy attached

Added on 22.04.2015 13:42
the design required is where the proposed route (number 3) crosses over the river.

Added on 24.04.2015 14:31
Hi, i want to let you know that i will have to participate in the whole project presentation next Tuesday. therefore i will need a PowerPoint slides containing headlines a summry of my work ( Geotechnical part only).

if this costs more then please let me know the price