Eothermal energy and its potential applications in the United States

Each member must submit their own individual 4-6 page paper (the minimum length is 4 full pages, not counting figures, tables or the bibliography) summarizing their understanding of the topic. The paper should include a general overview of the topic, and also a more detailed discussion of some aspect of the topic that you specifically focused on. The paper should be written with your fellow students in mind as the intended audience, and the sources of your information should be properly cited using APA format (both for in-text citations and for entries in your bibliography). For websites, give a reference only for the main page at a site you used. Your final bibliography should include a minimum of six sources, including at least two print sources (books, magazine articles, etc.) and at least two websites, and at least two other sources of your choice. To receive full credit for the Number and quality of sourcescategory, you will generally need several more than the minimum number of sources.