You are asked to investigate and critically evaluate a specific contemporary business and marketing issue selected from the objectives and/or content of the Contemporary Business and Marketing module. br /
the report is 2500 WORDS no lees no more. PLEASE can you make sure you proof read the report before uploading it with the correct spelling as previously lectures have pointed out there are many mistakes. within this report use many sources to gain knowledge about brand terrorism evaluate the issue of brand terrorism , talk about different brand terrorism use those different brands to compare AND contrast to a specific brand terrorism in favor for.br /
this report you are going to complete needs to follow the:br /
br /
a? Present your work in report style including title page, contents, executive summary, aims, analysis and recommendations. THIS IS A REPORT must be CLEARLY STRUCTURED br /
br /
a? The title should be clear and concise and be an accurate reflection of the contents.br /
br /
a? The essential purpose of the report is individual research on a focused topic rather than a generalised summary of a broad issue.br /
br /
a? Aim to explain the underlying principles and concepts of business and marketing that are relevant to critical evaluation of contemporary issues br /
br /
a? Show evidence of individual evaluation and analysis linked to strategic thinking.br /
br /
a? Provide specific recommendations and give some indication of the future development of the contemporary issues raised by your investigation.br /
br /
a? Spend time editing and proof reading your report as examiners look for clarity and conciseness.br /
br /
a? An essential requirement is the accurate citations of sources in the text of the report with full details in the bibliography. THE HARVARD SYSTEM IS AN ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENT.br /
br /
br /
ALL ABOVE is also inserted within a word document called guidance for report writingYOU MUST FOLLOW EACH POINT IN THIS DOCUMENT AND GET IT RIGHT DO NOT MISS BITS OUT OR GO OVER THE 2500 WORD LIMIT PLEASE COMPLY WITH A 2:1 STANDARD. as this is work 50 marks and i am paying for a 2:1 grade and i am a very loyal customer I CAN NOT have this any later than 5 days. br /
br /
br /
br /
Referencing Requirements:br /
Contemporary Business and Marketing Issuesbr /
Bibliography:br /
There is no one essential text for this course, but the following texts provide context for the range of topics covered,br /
Arnold, C. (2009) Ethical Marketing and the New Consumer, Wiley.br /
Belz, F-M. and Peattie, K. (2009) Sustainability Marketing: A Global Perspective, Wiley.br /
Blowfield, M. and Murray, A. (2011) Corporate Responsibility, 2nd edition, Oxford University Press.br /
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Trevino, L. K. and Nelson, K. A. (2010) Managing Business Ethics, 5th edition, Wiley.br /
br /
You are asked to investigate and critically evaluate a specific contemporary business and marketing issue BRAND TERRORISMbr /
br /
use not on the reading list but in order to critically evaluate you need to use various others sources for examples journals books internet which shows you have completed this to a 2:1 standard that i am paying for, previously I have paid for a 2:1 standard and the end result is either been completed wrong or i dont get the correct mark which i aiming for a 2:1. also please do you the pdf files power points and word documents to assist you in completing this report I do not wish to be disappointed as i have been previously by custom essays