Ependency on Computers Argumentative/Exploratory Essay

This is an argumentative essay, the following are the rules from the professor : Use Times New Roman, 12 point font. Use double line spacing. Margins all round should be approximately 1 inch or 2 cm. Do not leave big gaps at the top or bottom of the essay. Indent the first line of each new paragraph. Left-justify only. Do not leave big spaces between paragraphs. Give your essay an interesting title, centered on the first page, no bold/underline. Do not use fancy fonts or images. Do not use a cover page. Carefully revise your draft for spelling, grammar, format etc. You must separate a Work Cited page following MLA format. Your research materials should be cited and integrated using MLA format. Cite in-text and use when necessary.

The MAIN duty in the assignment is as follows: This assignment is an Exploratory Essay. You will identify an arguable issue of relevance and significance. You will clearly explain the issue and provide detailed background?historical/contextual information. You will then explain why there is an argument surrounding this issue, then explain the groups/individuals involved in the argument. You will proceed to explain AT LEAST 3 DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES OR POINTS OF VIEW on the issue. In this essay, you will NOT GIVE your own perspective. Thank you.

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