Epletion of the High Plains Aquifer (paper 5)

For this paper, you will take an original, argumentative stance on an issue of your choosing that was initially examined in Paper 4. You will combine thoughtful research with careful analysis and arguments.

I have already written 2 1/2 pages on the subject I have chosen in the document named paper 5. You can change what is already written if you wish, but I need the paper to be 6 or more full pages not counting the MLA 7 work cited page. Paper 4 includes an annotated bibliography which includes 5 sources of which 4 must be used in paper 5. Paper 5 must include a Parallel sourcemeaning that it is not related to the topic, but provides evidence for whatever point is being made. Paper 5 must be MLA 7 throughout its entirety. Once again, you may edit or change up paper 5 in whatever way you wish so long as the prompt I have already chosen is the same, but I must have 6 or more full pages of text. Paper 5, Paper 4, and the prompt will be included. All sources should be introduced and analyzed using the TEA structure (topic, evidence, analysis). They need to be cited using “(doe 27). inside paper 5 with a work cited page. The more sources the better, so long as they are properly introduced and analyzed. 5 sources is the bare minimum.

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions,