Epression in classical text and present. In Traditional Chinese Medicine

MAKING CRITERIA 1)Clear, logical, unambiguous presentation, Properly structured. 2)Within 10% of the appropriate length. 3)Abstract included, clearly written:containing an appropriate summary of findings and recommendations. 4)Clear rationale and logical discussion which based on a well balanced argument. 5)Evidence of originality, synthesis and analysis, as well as a balance between depth and breadth. 6)Evidence of wide, up to date and relevant reading and use of primary references. 7)Full and accurate reference list and adequate and appropriate references in the text.

Moreover,the attached presentation document(written by WORD)such as The relationship between Life of Human Beings and Natural Environmentin box below Attached Instructions”, should be used ideally as a basic philosophy for a part of this essay.

<> About References. It seems impossible to attach documents which I would like to do. One is an article from the journal, Depression Among Students with Learning Disabilities: Assessing the Risk
Maag and Reid J Learn Disabil.2006; 39: 3-10

Another is written by WORD. I would like to fax this.

The essay should be described about DEPRESSION by Classical Text of Traditional Chinese Medicine and compare to DEPRESSION written in current Traditional Chinese Medicine. For example, the philosophy about the causes of this disease in the past and now, how to treat it in the past and now. Traditional Chinese Medical philosophy says that such disease is led by unhealthy life style like go to sleep late and get up late, irregular appetite and life style etc. and mention the therapy as well. The essay should include and compare to current research. Therefore, it needs relevant literature used to support ideas and accurate referencing.
1)Huang Di Nei Jing 2)Shang Han Lun 3)Jin Gui Yao Lue 4)Wen Bing Tiao Bian 5)The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine 6)The Yellow Emperors Classic of Medicine 7)In the Footsteps of the Yellow Emperor