Epression in men (BME) Black minority ethinic groups

Component 1: A Literature of the above topic which is linked to my current placement which is BME ethnic groups in particular depression in men. Although it is a literature review it needs to be modified and justify why understanding this topic is important for good practice within my placement which is BME for disabled people in particular adults. Within this assignment I have to cover a discussion of contemporary themes and debates in the area of my learning outcomes which are as follows: the role of theory and key approaches. differing pesrpectives. These understandings need to be evidenced. Also as a future practitioner explanation of these decisions have to be explained. I have to a minimum of 20 sources in my review that is vital.

In component 2 of the assignment I have to provide a written critique of how my practice skills have developed over the duration of the module. The model is about Mental Health and substance misuse and my experience in direct practice. This critique needs to include a discussion if specific asks of my practice in which how I have felt and developed during the course of the module and how I can significantly develop in future development. Reference needs to be included and referred to the Medical/social model and how it is relevant. Also need to incorporarate about Mental Health and substance misuse prior to the commencement of the course which I was apprehensive of people who suffered for MH problems and substance misuse I have limited knowledge of it prior to course etc. Need to include early perspectives, assumptions and beliefs and how my practice and opinions have changes now. Comp 2 needs to have a few references to make the paper stronger. I will forward further details in my personalised order tracking area, so please wait until you have received them prior starting. Please also note the paper has to be linked to learning outcomes which I will send over ASAP.