Eradicating malaria in subafrican countries

English 101
Essay #3 Assignment
Final Due to BLACKBOARD on Wednesday, June 15th by 5:00 p.m.
Please note that all drafts are REQUIRED and must be submitted in order to earn a grade on the final.
a? Literary Analysis/Issue Paper
a? 4-5 pages, word processed, double-spaced, MLA format
a? Works Cited required (not counted toward page count)
a? At least one outside source (other than The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind) is required.
For your final essay in the class we branch out a bit and start working with some of the essay skills you will need in ENGLISH 102 and other courses across the curriculum. Successful completion of this assignment should signal that you are ready to begin the work in English 102.
Rather than writing solely about the literary text we have been reading, we will be using the text and its content as a jumping off point to investigate and write about an issue that is raised, showcased, or addressed in the text. This will require additional outside research and some re-reading of pertinent sections of the book.
The idea is to use the literature to generate interest in the topic and then to do additional reading and thinking about that topic.
Identify a cultural, social, political, or environmental issue addressed in the book The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. Find at least one additional source (magazine, book, reputable website) that deals with this same issue. Be sure to vet this source completely for accuracy, relevancy, and quality before using it in your paper.
Write a 3-5 page essay (MLA format) in which you discuss this issue, using examples from both our text and your additional source(s).
Your essay should be ARGUMENTATIVE. This is not a mere report. Be sure you are making a claim or statement about the issue that needs support. (For example, rather than merely discussing alternative energy, make an argument about the value of alternative energy in Africa. Rather than discussing drought cycles in Africa, develop an argument about the importance of food aid to third world countries, etc.)
Each body paragraph should have an example of your issue from the text AND from your outside source. (For example, you might mention Williamas motheras illness as an introduction to a paragraph about eradicating disease in sub-Saharan Africa).
We will brainstorm possible subjects in class, but you are free to choose to write about anything from the book you find interesting.
I strongly recommend using the resources available on the EdCC Libguide to direct your thinking on this:
Please be very careful when evaluating your outside sources. I strongly recommend working with the EdCC library databases (ProQuest and Academic Search Premier) to find information. DO NOT rely on popular websites or sources like Wikipedia. These are not reliable nor are they appropriate for academic work.
We will have a brief introduction to these databases in class.
If you have questions about evaluating resources or want to discuss potential sources, please see me in office hours.
It is vital that you cite your outside sources properly. Please review the MLA standards for various sources in MyLiteratureLab.
The final draft of your essay should be saved in Word as either a .doc or a .rtf file.
Please name your file with your LAST NAME in the file name. Please donat overlook this step.
Submit your essay as an attachment to the Assignment Submit link in Blackboard.
Please be sure to submit a draft of your essay to the tutors at MyLiteratureLab in advance of your final submission. In addition to the required submission, you may submit as many drafts as you see fit along the way.
As with all elements of the class you are welcome to use office hours to ask questions or get help on particular elements of the work. Please physically come to office hours if possible rather than trying to conduct business via email.
As this is the last assignment for the class, you will receive your numeric grade ONLY. Comments will be sent by request. Should you desire comments, please email me directly after the essays are submitted. Please note that I will be in Kenya following the end of the term and my response time will vary based on conditions there.