Erald Graffas a?Hidden Intellectualisma?

a?Write a 100a 200 word summary of
Gerald Graffas a?Hidden Intellectualisma?
Book(They Say/I Say, p. 198)
a?Your summary should employ one of the templates found in the back of the textbook for introducing summaries in your,
They Say/I Say textbook second Edition, by Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein
a?In addition to your summary, explain why you agree or disagree with Graffas assertions
a?Here are a few points for writing a summary
a?In the first sentence, mention the title, author, and the essayas main idea or thesis
a?Be objective and use the third person a?he/she/theya? point of view
a?Focus on the text and not your own ideas
a?Put the summary in your own words
a?If you do use a small quotation, put it in quotes and give the page number in parentheses
a?Limit your summary to the key points