Eramics as valuable as jewellery How to create the projection of value with jewellery using ceramics?

Hi,I want to compare how Ceramic Jewellery can be as valuable as a real jewllery(etc. diamond and gold).

so I have asked two designer to help me out with the interview quiestions, unfortunately the third designer are not willing to answer my questions, so can you please find another one? or you can stick with the third designer. I will show their website in below.

For the essay it most likely would be discussing about the narrative in behind their work. as a ceramic. I want to compare how different ceramic designer use different technique to present their work. (etc. glaze? hand made? exclusive?) use pictures to show.

I have started the essay for first draft. so hopefully you can start base on what I have written.

Please ignore the last part in the sources says Importantly a written appendix locating the ….(1-2 sides of A4

Here are the three artist I have choosen

Nicola Malkin

Gesine Hackenberg ( she refused to answer my questions, so its your choice to find someone else or base on her website)