Erbal supplements should be regulated as prescription drugs

This a argumentative research paper i need you to please edit it, this paper need to be 8-12 pages. If you add any extract material other than the books you used for my introduction and counter argumentative please email me a copy. will attach my paper after ordering. let me know if you want to email you some of my resources.

Erbal supplements should be regulated as prescription drugs.

ed a Abstract,outline, and thesis statement with introduction paragraph. These are the source to uses, if you use different ones, i will need the copy because my instructor want the copy. for example for a book a copy of the cover and the pages. my sources are Tylers Herbs of choice: the therapeutic use of phytomedicinals (3rd ed) by Dennis V. C. Awang. and the other book is meylers side effects of herbal medicines by J. K Aronson(editor). you can uses any others sources from the internet, article but i need a copy. this is the begining of my 8-12 pages research paper.