Erek Walcotts Dream on Monkey Mountainand his essay, The Caribbean: Culture or Mimicry?”

Choose one of the topics below for a well-organized 4-page critical essay. I am intentionally giving you two topics so you can write which ever you feel more confident on. You MUST have read the book Dream on Monkey Mountain by Derek Walcott and also his essay, ai??i??The Caribbean: Culture or Mimicryai??i??. I will upload this essay (7pg) along with PowerPoint notes that will help interpret this essay and notes from my class, which will guide you towards writing a solid paper that is relevant to my class. All materials are quite short. You may use one outside source if needed but ALL materials should come straight from Walcottai??i??s book or his essay. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I have wrote the instructions clearly so please do follow them carefully. Thank you!

4. Keeping in view the crisis of Caribbean identity that Derek Walcott refers to in his essay, ai??i??The Caribbean: Culture or Mimicry?ai??i??, discuss his representation of both Europe and Africa in Dream on Monkey Mountain, and comment on what ai??i??resolution,ai??i?? if any, his characters achieve by the end of the play.

5. In ai??i??The Caribbean: Culture or Mimicry,ai??i?? Walcott argues that ai??i??Nothing will always be created in the West Indies, for quite a long time, because what will come out of there is like nothing one has ever seen beforeai??i?? (261). In your view, what are some of the qualities in Dream of Monkey Mountain that are ai??i??like nothing one has ever seen beforeai??i??? In your response, you could focus on one or more of the following: form, characterization, setting, theme, and language.