Erman Civilization: Goethes Faust and the Enlightenment

Before starting the paper writer should read through reading first and answer the question in the essay form. All contents and argues should be taken from the readings to avoid digress
and not necessary to have outside resources (I cant choose 0 for sources).

In his Faust drama, how does Goethe transfigure the figure of the Faust legend into a character who represents the Enlightenment?

Your paper should address these two questions, with the larger weight being given to #2:

1. Explain the differences between the traditional Faust of the 16th-century legends (as he is portrayed in Johann Spiesss 1587 Faust Book) and Goethes Faust.

2. What are the particular traits of Goethes Enlightenment characterization of Faust that are both typical of the Enlightenment and also raise questions about a total faith in the Enlightenment? This part of your paper should make direct reference to at least one of the first three excerpts from Faust that you have in the reading: i.e., 1) the Prologue in Heaven[pp. 1-4]; 2) Night[pp. 7-9], and 3) the scene where Faust meets Mephistopheles and then makes the wager with him [pp. 39-41, 50-54]).