Erman Civilization: topic in architecture

The writer should study the material first then only able to write the essay. No outside sources required. Everything should based on the text I upload.
In his 1772 essay On German ArchitectureJohann Wolfgang von Goethe characterizes Gothic architecture as something peculiarly German and places its value above that of the French and Italian esteem for classical or Renaissance architecture. Explain how he incorporates religious and spiritual aspects of Gothic architecture into his Romantic ideas of individual creativity and genius to make this argument. Refer to the specific style elements of Gothic architecture he alludes to in his praise of the Strasbourg Cathedral as a work of art. Include both those that he mentions directly and those he alludes to indirectly.

Your paper should reference architectural elements of the Gothic (e. g., pointed arches and crossed ribbing, taller and thinner piers, flying buttresses, stained glass windows, rich ornamentation), but you should not get sidetracked into discussing these elements in detail for their own sake. Include them rather as part of your arguments about Goethes characterization of the Strasbourg Cathedral as a creative work of art.
Please focus only on that period. Every arguments or ideas should come from the text.