Erman Expressionism, Metropolis (1927) and masses and men (Toller), brecht Ueber experimentales Theater”

To what extent do you agree with Brechtas assertion that Expressionism, whilst achieving a good deal of artistic innovation, proved incapable of producing a comprehensible and comprehensive analysis of contemporary society and was therefore of little use as a didactic instrument? Illustrate your answer with an analysis of Masse Mensch and Metropolis.”
if you can use Brechts essay in which this assertion is given (ueber experimentales Theatre Der xpressionismus der Nachkriegsepoche der [a¦] eine bisher unausgenutzte A¤sthetische Ausbeute brachte, zeigte sich ganz auAYerstande, die Welt als Objekt menschlicher Praxis zu erklA¤ren. Der Lehrwert des Theaters schrumpfte zusammen.a?) that would be good.