Erman Melvilles Bartleby, the Scrivener”

Find and read the passage in Bartleby, the Scrivenerthat begins on page 555
5th edition, page 544 of the 6th edition, or page 543 of the 7th edition, with the m sentence And remembered a certain unconscious air of pallida how shall I call
it?a of pallid haughtiness...,and ends on page 556 of the 5th edition, page 545
of the 6th edition, or 544 of the 7th edition, with the sentence It was his soul
that suffered, and his soul I could not reach.In this passage, the narrator
reflects on his response to the discovery that Bartleby has been living in the
narrators office.
I. n a well-organized essay, trace the changing attitudes of the narrator toward
Bartleby and discuss the significance of the narrators conclusion concerning
Bartlebys soul. In your response you may choose to consider elements such as
diction, point of view, and tone.
What You Turn In
a? Your essay should be approximately one to two pages in length. Use one-inch margins and a 12-point font.
a? The first paragraph should contain a thesis statement in which you clearly present the argument you want to make in your essay.
a? Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence in which you clearly state the argument for that paragraph.
a? Be sure to support your arguments with brief, relevant examples. Each body paragraph should include at least three pieces of supporting evidence and should be clearly linked together with intelligent commentary.
a? When using direct quotations from the text, document your citation using standard conventions (for example, use line numbers when quoting poems, act and scene numbers for drama, and page numbers for fiction).
Hints and Tips
a? Be sure to prioritize your arguments.
a? You may find it helpful to use prewriting strategies, such as brainstorming, before sitting
down to write your essay. Prewriting strategies will help you identify your thesis statement and each of your paragraph topics, as well as the evidence you want to use.