Eroic Behavior in the Ortesia and Odyssey

In this essay, you will consider ai??i??heroicai??i?? behavior in the Oresteia and
. What are the behavioral codes to which men are supposed to adhere? What are the codes for women? Using plentiful examples, present positive and negative examples for both genders. Do you think these codes have anything in common with morality as you
understand it? Why or why not? Finally, discuss the behavior of a hero from a modern myth (film, television, novels, etc.), and consider
how the modern heroai??i??s ai??i??valuesai??i?? compare to the ancient ones. NOTE: ai??i??positiveai??i?? does not necessarily denote all behavior of a hero or heroine, just as ai??i??negativeai??i?? does not necessarily apply only to villains!
The TWO SOURCES will come from the followings links.

ai??i?? From the following link