Erontology The Biological Aspects of Aging

This is the assignment:

Scenario: You have just discovered that your 88 year old aunt is experiencing signs of depression. Your uncle died 6 months ago. Your cousin who lives 3,000 miles away calls you for information, advice and moral support.. After hanging up, you thought of things that you did not tell him so you decide to write to provide comprehensive information.

This is a creative writing assignment. Dear _______________ etc. Letter format with all the how are you…..etc. It is not intended to be an essay but to provide an overview of depression as a general mental health problem.

Write your cousin a letter addressing the following:
* Ask about your aunts symptoms
*Provide your uncle with basic information (make sure that you tell him to get medical care) about depression
*What are some options for treatment
*Provide some resources
*Last……..give your cousin some TLC and moral support.

Oh and just in case you didnt know my name is Jason, and I am a 30 year old African American male; just in case you needed somewhere to start.

I will upload information that you can use from the textbook. Also you can use this link as a reference. I will send you information that pertains to this assignment shortly.

Health in the Later Year, 4th ed., by Armeda F. Ferrini and Rebecca L. Ferrini (New York, NY: MacGraw Hill, 2008)