Ertificate Theory and Methodology TESOL

Certificate Theory and Methodology TESOL Assignments

Answer all of the assignments:

1. In your own words (not less than 200 words in each case) explain, with

examples where necessary, the difference between:

a. semantics and pragmatics.

b. competence and performance.

c. prescriptive and descriptive grammars.

d. dialect and register.

e. content words and grammatical words.

f. mistakes and errors.

2. Using the approach adopted by systemic grammar, analyse this passage in

terms of clauses, groups and words. List the different parts of the sentence

under each heading (clauses, groups, content words and grammatical words):

The policeman, who had never heard of the Lawrence Amendment, was

stumped by the supercilious approach of the barrister.

3. You have an intermediate-level class of 10 adult students. Prepare a plan for a

40 minute lesson: the central theme of this lesson is talking about summer

holidays. The language focus is on using the Present Continuous (We re

leaving on Saturday) and am/is/are + going to + VERB (We re going to visit

the Pyramids) to talk about the future. Before you plan your lesson, look at

pages 58 and 59 in your Grammar Guide to see how these two future forms

are used. Think carefully about the overall aim of your lesson and the

individual objectives of each step. Try to include a range of language skills and

activities within the lesson.

4. Prepare material of your own that you believe would be useful when practising

the Present Perfect tense with students at about intermediate level. Your may

prepare any type of material that you wish as long as it is original. Remember

that these students are at intermediate level and so they will have met this

tense before. You may produce one piece of material and show, in detail, how

you would exploit it in different ways to practise all four language skills.

Alternatively, you may want to prepare five or six shorter pieces of material

and show how you would exploit them to practise all four language skills.

Since this is your final assignment please use it as the opportunity to

demonstrate what you have learned on this course.