Esarean Section Delivery: The Role of the Nurse in Stemming the Epidemic of Elective C-Section Surgery in the United States

Hi there,

This essay is actually a literature review. My nursing research instructor has set a strict criteria for this paper. It is as follows:

Topic of Manuscript
1) related to nursing
2) something which you are passionate about
3) a topic that exists in nursing research literature

Journal Articles
Review a minimum of five research based peer reviewed nursing journal articles are to be referenced in your manuscript. (You will need to read many articles before choosing those to include in your manuscript.)
Review articles are not limited to nursing journals, but at least 60% of articles reviewed for your manuscript must come from the nursing literature.
Example1: You include 10 articles in your literature review. Al least six of those
must be research based peer reviewed nursing journal articles.
Example 2: You cite five research based peer reviewed nursing journal articles.
You have met the minimum requirements.
APA Format

Length of Manuscript
A minimum of 8 pages and a maximum of 10 pages in the body of your paper.

At least one of the authors of each of the research articles must be a nurse.

Thank you so much for taking on this assignments. Please contact me if there are any questions.

William L. Mixson

p.s. There are many good nursing research databases. I have had good success with the CINAHL database.