Escribe a journey (My first hiking experience)

Id like you to base the essay on the key features of the descriptive writing:5 senses (touch, taste, smell, see, hear, feel), nice variety of adjectives, adverbs, simile, metaphor, personification
I have a very BASIC writing about my first hiking experience what Id like you to use for the essay. It needs to be completely transformed (because its more like a story) to be a nice descriptive essay based on the 5 senses, feelings mentioned before. Here is the story.

A few years ago my friend and I decided that itas time to do something challenging and go out for a walking tour away from the crowded streets of the city, where we really feel free. The idea of journey brought me excitement/joy and delights as this was going to be my first hike.
When the day came we made all the necessary arrangement to get ready for the journey.
We set on our journey in the very early/clear hours of the morning and were ready to climb the Bucegi Mountain which is over 2,500 meters high.

On the first day of our trip the weather was windy and it rained a lot however luckily by the time the rain came we managed to pitch our tent.
The following day we woke up very early to ensure that we had enough time to make the journey before darkness. It was still dark but the sky was clear and beautiful giving hope for a bright and sunny day. We were lucky to catch the magic moment of sunrise behind the mountains. The horizon was getting brighter and orange as the sun played its colors behind the mountains. It was relishing watching the sun gaining strength as it climbed up to the sky.(stretched up its hands to the sky) The river was so peaceful as it flowed slowly next to our tent while we packed some food in the bag. I though a?Seems like a promising day!a?

I remember it was a hot summer and we were ready heading out for a day hike wearing trainers, short sleeves and taking some water and a bar of chocolate with us.
I enjoyed walking over the roots of trees and we were amazed by the sight of different scenes and sights of nature like wild flowers, streams, trees and bushes.
The first third of our trip was really enjoyable but after a time we realized that we were running out of time as we did choose the most challenging trail . We underestimated the difficulties of the trail therefore we were able to reach the top in the very late afternoon. The lack of adequate climbing boots caused me difficulties of walking. I felt every stone under my feet as I walked and I was suffering from ankle injuries throughout my journey.
As I followed my friend I tried to keep pace with him and step in the same safe spots that he had chosen. We passed by sheer cliffs by taking the steps carved in the rock with a security cable for a hand-hold to avoid falling off. We kept going up sometimes gently, sometimes steeply. And step after step, hour after hour, we plodded along, finally reaching the peak.
It turned out that as we reached the top the temperature dropped down and were freezing cold. The other tourists were wearing winter coats while I was shivering in my short sleeves.
We had spent half an hour to admire the natural rock formations and decided to go back. There was the opportunity to ride a cable car but I was determined to make the journey on my feet.
The return journey was equally dangerous.
I must admit I did not enjoy the journey back at all because we were short of time and I was still in a pain. It was a very dangerous hike. We crossed narrow passes and had to climb slippery hills. I found myself always clutching on the piece of rock, making sure I maintain good balance. One wrong move or slip I would probably be a goner. The light was fading creating new shadows around me. It was nearly dark. I was scared and desperate.
I remember my friend was worried because without any support I was not able to walk. He was asking me several time if Iam alright.
Finally somehow I managed to stumble through the deep, black forest reaching our final destination/the foothill. But the day wasnat over here.
We were relieved until we heard bad news. We heard some people talking about a family who had been attacked by a brown bear while they were sleeping in their tent.
If things can go wrong they will. As I was sitting and having a rest I heard a distant rumble of thunder. In a few minutes I could feel cool wind blowing from the blackened sky. Then the whole sky was engulfed by black swirling clouds. In the next minute I could hear the rumbler grew louder and louder. Soon a sheet of rain passed over us and the sound intensified. We quickly ran into the car. Some flashes of lightning came dangerously close to us. It felt like they are millimeters close to us. The thunder seemed to shake the earth and the lighting lit up the whole sky. The cracks of thunder were deafening. We hoped that lightning wouldnat strike us and the wind wouldnat blow the trees down onto our car as we were parked next to the river and the river was very close to overflow their banks. But all we could do was to stay in the car and wait for the storm to blow over.
The next morning was quite an exhilarating feeling looking at the clear blue skies and the river as it flowed so peacefully. I felt the luckiest person in the world to survive the day full of pain and danger.
Despite the fact that this was a dangerous journey with full of fear Iam glad that I did experience the feeling of fear, joy and excitement in just one day which will never forget.