Escribe a person or event that has had profound effect upon your life

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During my formative years, Grandpa and I walked to the park with his left hand always on my shoulder while I guided the way. We played ball, and rode the swings together. He contributed to my character development as a person more than anyone else. My grandfather s struggles through adversity have been the primary example of how I wish to lead my own life.
Before certain vaccines were mandatory, my grandfather, at a very early age, was diagnosed with polio. My grandfather had difficulty walking due to how the polio attacked his legs and crippled his feet.
While adjusting to life with a limp, the doctors gave my grandfather a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Because of the lack of advancement in medicine at the time, blindness struck my grandfather in his twenties. Many people would use this complication as an excuse for sitting home and not doing anything with their lives. Instead, my grandfather continued his education at the Perkins School for the Blind. While attending school, he learned how to adapt to living life without his sense of sight.
Grandpa cooked outstanding food without being able to see. My grandfather being able to cook without seeing what he was cooking astounded me. In addition to cooking, he could clean and read Braille. My grandfather also could wash and iron his clothes better than any dry cleaner.
Even though my grandfather had encountered setbacks, he did the things that he loved: playing the guitar, playing the keyboard, and taking me to the park. My grandfather and I were very close to each other since both of my parents have worked full time ever since I was a baby. Rather than placing me in daycare with unknown people, my parents made the decision to place me in the loving care of my grandparents. Grandpa led by example; he had great integrity and a passion for life. He was a loving husband and father of seven. He was very proud of his children and grandchildren and set a great example for us all. Grandpa taught me that life s journey has many obstacles, however, it is our attitude and how we deal with the obstacles that really matter. Grandpa made choices everyday to be strong, independent and loving despite his disabilities, his life was full.
My grandfather volunteered his time to encouraging and mentoring others with disabilities. When interacting with other people, grandpa was always patient and kind. Grandpa was one of the best listeners I have ever known. He taught me how to be a person of amazing character. I have strong values and the confidence to be my own person. I believe this is the foundation I need to be successful in all I do.
Just like when we went to the park together, my grandfather is with me now, placing his hand on my left shoulder, accompanying me on my next life journey; college.