Escribe the relation between globalisation and migration. do this as portfolio/research project.

The impact of globalisation on the caribbean sugar and banana industries”.
Beyond the blood, the beach and the banana”.
How kingston was wounded”.
Wounded cities: deconstruction and reconstrution in a globalised world”.

The project must have the following sections:
1.Intoduction 2. theoretical background 3. The impact pf globalisation on the local 4. The response of policy makers to migration

THE PROJECT WORD LENGTH IS 1,500 WORDS(maximum of 1,650)
The projct should also include a. project proposal: 150 words
the proposal should have a clear title and outlines what you intend to cover in your research project. it should include a brief summary of your intended examples, case studies and statistics. b.literature review 250 words
a literature review is a concise discussion of the scholarly work that has already been carried out in the area you intend to research. how will your project follow on from what has already been written about this topic before? what do you intend to add to this topic? the literature review should also include a bibliography

1.Demonstrate knowledge of issues in relation to globalisation and social movements
2.Demonstrate knowledge of the gifferent interpretations of political issues and events in relation to globalisation and social movements
3.Express thoughts and ideas in writing to an academic standard
4.comply with reccommended word limit
5.Use correct referencing when using a quote and include a bibliography