Escribe the  rules of the game in an organization.

Describe the  rules of the game in an organization. How does the organization work? How does it differ from or is similar to other organizational settings in which you have worked or been part of? You might think of this as if you were instructing an outsider on how to behave and perform successfully in your organization.
Please cite numerous examples with the US Army being an example of an organizational structure

In composing the paper, please identify an issue or area where you might recommend change or some desirable goal for the organization (e.g., maintain or create more communication or cooperation between departments or among colleagues in the same unit or across units; generate growth or efficiency; etc.). Draw upon relevant literature to frame or engage the topic for analysis and discussion. Develop a specific recommendation or recommendations, explaining the rationale for doing so, to achieve the goal.

This should be well-organized and coherent formal research papers, and should include sections that (1) introduce the general issue and the particular topic or question addressed, (2) specify and justify the type of data and methods you use to examine it, (3) provide analysis of the data and discuss the findings, and (4) summarize and/or draw conclusions and make recommendations in light of those findings and the broader topic.