Escribe/compare and contrast Buddhist Iconography.

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Describe/ compare and contrast Buddhist Iconography in India and China with 15th century Christian Iconography including  the language of gestures in the west (see Baxendall) vs. mudras Buddhist art. Analyze specific paintings and / or sculptures discuss how the symbols appear. How is the approach to body different? Compare the origin, application and meaning of the circle in square in the early Renaissance architecture and painting. Include as many examples as possible. What is a stupa (describe one and attach one picture you will describe) and how does it relate to Mandalas and Pagodas? Compare and contrast the Renaissance circle in a square with the Mandala in Tibet and Japan (womb mandala). Discuss the symbolic meaning of color. What are their purposes? What is being depicted? How are they meant to be used? What is the difference between the four gate mandala and the womb mandala.
Recommended for further reading Mandala the architecture of Enlightenment by Denise Patery Laidy and Robert A.F Thurman, Shambala Press, 1997.

See and describe at least one Buddha at the metropolitan Museum.

I will attach the pictures I took at met today with explaintion.