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6 page paper should provide an in-depth comparative analysis of the nations preparedness to respond to disasters, both natural and man-made, preand post-9/11. Select two scenarios from the Text, Chapter 16, Planning Scenarios”, one natural(Hurricane) and one man-made (Terror Attack), and compare and contrast the nations readiness to respond to these specific events today compared to before 9/11. Included in such analysis should be a discussion of the role of local public safety organizations (i.e. police, fire and EMS) in responding to terrorist threats. The final research paper should also reflect an understanding of the governmental, organizational, procedural, and cultural changes that have taken place in this country, and their impact on American citizens. The paper should conclude with a supported assessment of Benjamin Franklins famous missive addressing the basic premise Are we safer?”, and At what price?”. The text book is The United States Department of Homeland Security 2nd Edition.ISBN-13 978-0-558-83488-3.