Summary: A 3-5 page formal analysis of a work of Asian art in the Asian Art Museum (new window) or other museum.

Objective: This assignment will acquaint you with analyzing and describing a work of art, as well as using primary sources (the work of art).

Instructions: This assignment will require that you see the work of art in-person. While standing in front of the work, describe it in as much detail as you can. Focus on details that you would not be able to see in a photograph. Try to analyze how the artist achieves the final composition by carefully detailing how s/he utilizes the Formalelements of the work (i.e. color, composition, shapes or forms, line or contour, mass and volume, light, texture, depth, balance, etc.) and how these elements work together to create the final composition as well as to shape the content and meaning. (Refer to Barnetas A Short Guide to Writing About Art for details.) Note: A maximum of one paragraph of cited research will be allowed. This information must be: (1) paraphrased in your own words and (2) properly cited (in MLA, APA, or Chicago format).

How to Submit and Due Dates: The week before due dates for Parts 1 & 2, you will see a link in Assignments in which to upload your submission.

Note on Topic Selection: You may build on this topic for the research paper due at the end of the term.

The Paper Guidelines:
Total number of pages: 3 to 5 (double-spaced text; the illustration/s are extra)
Documentation: Identify the selected works of art. For the museum piece, include title, artist, date, and dimensions.
Style Description/Formal Analysis & Interpretation: Write a formal analysis of the work you have chosen from the museum. Begin with an overall description, then address the elements of form such as line, color, shape, mass and volume, light, texture space, brushstroke, depth, balance, visual rhythm, etc. Discuss the content or meaning of the work. How has the artist manipulated and organized the artistic form to enhance and communicate meaning in the work.
Illustration/s: Provide an illustration of the work of art from the museum (photo/jpeg)
This paper will be graded on:
How well you follow instructions specified on this sheet.
How well you follow the guidelines in A Short Guide to Writing About Art.
How well you demonstrate a college level standard in format, information, and style of presentation.

The paper is supposed to be about 1 work of art, must be 1 Terra cotta warriors sculpture.