Esearch based study for virtualising Staffordshire Universities IT Services.

I want u to add to the search more detailed explanation of the following services and how they can I develop those services in staffordshire university in the uk
plz I want a persentation of this work also with notes for the speech

could u add a Saudi arabia universites in this assignment whoS used this technology as well with more details and compare them with staffordshire university

A research based study for
virtualising Staffordshire Universities IT Services.

Based on your research you need to select two Staffordshire University IT services
from the list below and implement a pilot study using an appropriate virtualisation
o Computing Laboratories (Student and Staff images)
o Library services
o Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) Blackboard
o Student and Staff H: Drives
o Printing services
o Student and Course records (SITS database).
? In this pilot study you need to:
o Identify the virtualisation technology to use and why?
o Identify the service model to use for this implementation.
o The software resources required for this implementation.
o The hardware resources required for this implementation
o Implement your solution on a smaller scale as a proof of concept by using
either a
? Nested desktop solution
? Or ESXi server
o Produce a final implementation diagram of the overall solution which should
show clearly marked virtual components and their connectivity.

focus on ESXi server

the comparison between saudi universies and the staffordshire university in a table to make it easier