Esign and Access Statement & Planning Policy application

I am currently working on my architecture design project that related to recycle food waste to produce fertiliser. The site is located in a place called Sharpness in the U.K. (Please refer the images attached) My brief is to design a food recycling centre with educational use. The main use of the building is to recycle food / garden waste to produce bio-fertiliser and biogas (Biogas will be sent to a power generator to generate electricity). Also there will be visitors coming to learn the process. The Process of the food recycle called Anaerobic digestion (AD)

Basically the whole project is called design and access statement
This explains the thinking behind my building and argues the case for getting permission. As you can imagine, it holds the key to the success or failure of your scheme.

What I needed is to state some policies in order to get planning permission. I have already prepared you some planning policy documents which you can read through the content page and see which part of the policy suit explain the best of my program to get planning permission. Please use all the documents I provided and find some good lines that can justify why it is a good idea of building a food recycling centre. I have chosen a few policies from National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Could you please use those policies that I chose and try to use a few sentences to justify it with my design. The only part that I havent research is the local policy, so could you please have a look at the Stroud District Local Plan and Sharpness Docks Estate Strategy (2013) and get some policies from there.

I will upload my current work and an example of someones work. You can scan read the whole document of his and mine. The policy statement part is start from page 28 on my work. For someones work, it is on page 33-36. Please amend my previous policy statement as it is not supposed to be that long for each policies explanation, it is just a few sentences to justify is enough. You can follow the format / layout from someones work.

His coursework is a bit similar to mine but not exactly the same (I am doing food recycle centre, he is doing cooking & food centre). So some of the policies needed will be similar too.

Final thing that I need is Design and Access statement. For this I have roughly done it but it is quite brief. Could you please add more information in each sections? It starts from page 29 of my work. I will provide a document that explain what kind of thing is needed in each section. So it is better for you to understand my building and location before starting this.

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As one of the files is too large. The following is the link to download the document My own coursework