Esign for Change Project At Home Bed Rest: A Viable Option for Arrested Preterm Labor?

Present the design for change in practice for the identified problem/concern; include the evidence relevant to your problem/concern and the expected outcomes. Show anticipated outcomes of change. If appropriate, add tables and figures that visually illustrate the resolution and provide clarity. *****Write a resolution of Problem/concern that demonstrates: Evidence-based solution to the identified problem/concern; anticipated or actual outcomes to the implementation of the project Identification and inclusion of steps from Rosswurm and Larrabees model for evidence-based change Comprehensive and measurable plan for evaluation. (this is the main body of the paper!)

The concern identified for this project is At home bed rest A viable option for arrested preterm labor?I have written a literature review for this paper which I can include as well as copies of the journal articles that I used in that paper and a copy of the Rosswurm & Larrabee article required for this paper as well.

The literature states that at home bed is at least as good as if not better than hospitalized bed rest. Interventions that should be done in the home environment include:
bed rest as much a possible a minimum of twice daily uterine activity monitoring, 1 hour at a time at least 8 to 10 hours apart
24/7 access to nurse via telephone for assessment and interventions
daily risk assessment
patient education (preterm labor signs & symptoms, nutrition, proper hydration, fetal movements)
assistance in coordination of required social services
doctors office visits at least every 2 weeks (maybe weekly)
pt to keep diary (qustions/concerns to go over with nurse or MD, fetal kick counts, etc..)

Paper should be written in APA format 6th edition.

I have a copy of the Rosswurm & Larrabee article as well as the other articles to be used for this paper.