Choose ONLY ONE task out of TWO tasks
( Total 4000 words including 500 words individual evaluation )
Iam only asking for 3000 words, no evaluation.

Task 1 : Sustainability Program
You are required to write a Visual Basic program to implement the following requirements including database for company employee (Surveys) and customer details;
A consultation company tries to develop a program in order to calculate the costs and savings of using solar Photovoltaic panels for residential houses in London. The program should get the following values from the user:
1. The company supplies four different types of panels based on their efficiency. The use can select only two types with two different efficiencies e.g. type 1 with 20% and type 2 with 15% energy efficiency).
2. The space available for installation of the panels (m2).
3. The cost installation is A?10 per square meter, which will be added to total cost.
4. Initial investment capital (A?) -This refers to the costs of the panels and installations.

Note: Consider that average electricity cost in London is 15 pence KW/h.
The output can be saved in a file and can be printed.
The output should show: The costs of the panels and installations, the savings (They may be negative), and the number of years that solar savings will pay off the initial investment.
a? The assumption is London and therefore the price of the panels and types should be researched for London context.
a? It will calculate the costs of purchasing and installation of the panels and does not consider transportation, maintenance, recycling, etc.
a? The efficiency of the panel will not get changed during time.
a? Do not consider the inflation and depreciation for the cost.

TASK 2: Medical Centre Appointment Booking System
In this project, you are required to write a Visual Basic.Net program, which can be used by an appointment department to book various patients in their medical centre.
The students are required to build an Appointment Booking System for a Medical Centre.
You can make the following assumptions about the program:
1) There are 6 doctors working in the centre and 4 nurses for different type of medical attention,
2) The Medical centre will be open from 9:00am to 12:00noon and from 2:00pm to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, for doctors to see patients.
3) Each appointment lasts 20 minutes, if patients need more time it should be double booked,
The system should be able to perform at least the following tasks:
1) A list of Patients and individual details of them, stored in the database
2) Doctors and nurses should be able find out from the system how many patient they have been seen per day.
3) Your database system should be able to find any patient either by their name or date of birth,
4) The system should keep all the records of appointments including name and date, check-in-time.