Esign Management & Marketing lectures -Action for Age-

During the Design Management & Marketing lectures, you have been introduced to Design Management and Marketing thinking, relationships between Design and other organisational functions, Design and Marketing strategies and a number of tools and techniques,
e.g. Design and Marketing research methods and strategic planning. Many case studies and examples discussed in classes demonstrated that an integrated approach between Design Management and Marketing can help private companies, governmental agencies, and notfor-profit organisations define real problems, discover opportunities, fulfil customer needs, sustain demands, anticipate/respond to changes and outperform competitors.

The assignment is created based on the Design Directions Plus 2008/09, an innovative
programme of awards, organised annually by the Royal Society of Arts: RSA.
( Commercialisation should also be taken into onsideration, e.g. how a new product/service will fit into an existing brand/product line.

Facts from the RSA Brief:
” Among older people living alone, 17% rated themselves as  often/always lonely ,
compared with 2% living with others: 80% of often  lonely live alone
” One in five people over 65 are alone for more than 12 hours a day
” Over one million people feel  trapped in their homes
” A 2004 survey showed that over one million older people spent Christmas alone.

5 Key Elements

” Identify roles for Design Managementand Marketingin the social context.
” Critically Evaluate existing solutionsto problems, from an integrated perspective of Design and Marketing.
” Apply integrated Researchmethods to collect marketing and design-related information in order to examine the ”key issueand better understand potential Targets”, their requirements and Behaviour”.
” Use appropriate Design Management and Marketing principles, frameworks, ideas and/or tools to Define problemsclearly. It is important
to segment markets, and select appropriate targets.
” Identify opportunitiesfor new products/services or design strategy.