Esign of a thermoelectric electric generator using vehicle exhaust waste heat

A written report is required and must be submitted on or before the last day of class. Your report should be a minimum of 12 typed (double spaced) pages, inclusive of references, figures and tables. At a minimum, your report should include a table of contents, abstract, motivation/introduction, review of the scientific literature including the state-of-the art, a section addressing the applications of heat transfer in your analysis/design (include your own design/analysis ideas where relevant), and report summary/conclusions. The figures can be neatly hand-drawn or computer-drawn or copies of literature (be sure to cite references appropriately). If possible, embed key graphics/figures into the text. Be sure all figures have figure captions and scale bars, coordinate frames etc. If you believe it is relevant, briefly discuss any safety issues, environmental impact, and socio-economic issues. Make good use of graphs, tables, and schematics; utilize internally consistent units in all sections of the report.