Esign Writing :The Rules of Typography According to Crackpots

The design writing assessment takes the form of a 1000 word written document, which presents a considered, supported critical response to a selected article. The response will demonstrate your understanding of the article and your critical position will be supported by reference to relevant and credible research sources.

( i have chosen this piece of reading He Rules of Typography According to Crackpots/expto write about (have attached the document)

Also attached a few other READINGS that may be useful or should include in the essay m lectures we have had (documents attached)
Graphic Design Criticism
gender theory
The Purpose of Typography
Design as Intervention

please let me know if there are any questions
many thanks

Added on 25.04.2015 11:30
I have uploaded all the reading to this weblink QOsWuRcdBVHarp2Z0qzineK3kkDdM02CQe%2BBZnQlsRdeQQUZ9%2FLyyK%2BaWy4GqggrsHocR%2FMdx8A3j5zr4TPGdYO%2BxPSFa%2F05