Esl6SIOP Vignette: Strategies, Interaction, and Application

my websiite is default.asp?id56208 username dtipton password tipton go to esl 423 course content click on module 6 you will be able 2 see the lecture
Choose a SIOP component (Strategies, Interaction, and Application).

(1) Read the lesson and the three vignettes that describe three lessons.

(2) Rate each lesson according to the scale. Remember you are rating the lesson, NOT evaluating the teacher. It is a reflective activity.

(3) Decide which lesson is most effective and why.

ii) Write a 750 word essay addressing the following questions:

(1) What did you rate each lesson and why?

(2) What lesson was most effective, how do you know?

(3) How would incorporating the features of the component you chose support your teaching and students learning?

iii) Use standard essay format in APA style, including an abstract introduction, conclusion, and title page