Espository (informational )essay gucci fragrance

What you should do by way of examing the ad is explain how it functions. Describe the manner in which its constitutive elements combine to sell the product. Describe what the ad is attempting to sell and the techniques, images, and information used to promote it. Make sure that you pinpoint each of the subconsciousploys used in the ad and assess how effective you believe them to be. Remember to examine every detail of the ad, in a manner similiar to the model given in the essay on the Shield soap commercial, and give an explaination of how these details add up to the overall messages of the ad. So, you should give an explanation of the whole, its parts, and the manner in which those parts articulate the wholei?? i already had an advertising, im gonna send it to you. And i will send an essay to you. Can you accord to his thinking and analysis to create a new essay which talk about my advertising) please dont make it same as my friends. Thank you so much. Ana please give it me on time.