Essay : 13. Roles of IL17 and IL23 in inflammatory responses ( I want to use this essay for making a poster)

The essay must be well structured, coherent, written in good
I would like to use this essay for making a poster so please write in a way that I can use each information in a different part of poster , so please i need sub-heading . and also include a suitable image that I can use it in my poster
here are some information that we been asked to use for making our poster:
The student must demonstrate full comprehension of the chosen
topic and present the poster in a recommended format. Poster topics will
provide a basis for students to demonstrate particularly their achievements in
learning outcomes one to four listed above. The poster should also
demonstrate the integration of information from a wide range of appropriate
reference sources, the text should be concise, charts and illustrations clear,
and the poster attractive visually.
a? See next page for list of possible titles
a? You can also choose your own topic but check with module leader if
relevance to the field of medical immunology is in doubt