Essay case studies organisation and management


Your task is to read the two organizational case studies (attached) and to provide a comparative analysis of them in written essay format. In particular you should look at them in terms of the broad themes we are exploring in the second half of the module, i.e:

1. Teamwork and teamworking
2. Organizational design and structure
3. Organizational culture

From reading the case studies, you should notice straight away that the two organizations are very different in the way that they operate and in the way that the members of the organization experience their work.

In your analysis you should focus on how the two organizations differ in the way they operate and the way in which they are managed. Identify what the theories and concepts that we explore in the second half of the module tell us about these situations and how they help us make sense of them. NB. Both cases are loosely based on real organizations.

Structure and Content of Assignment

The length of the assignment should be a maximum of 2,000 words (excluding bibliography). The assignment should follow a coherent a logical structure. As such we suggest that you follow the following format:

a? Introduction

a? Comparison of approaches to teamwork and teamworking

a? Comparison of organizational structure and design

a? Comparison of cultures.

a? Conclusion

a? Bibliography