Essay (critical appraisal) and discussion of nursing values

To edit and revised my paper for guaranteed 2:1 standardIntroduction:

You need to discuss which appraisal tool you are going to use and justify why you chose this particular tool. Please use CASP appraisal tool.
Critical appraisal of your chosen article: a?Identifying care actions to conserve dignity in end-of-life carea? see the attached full copy of the article:
BROWN, H. JOHNSTON, B. and OSTLUND, U. (2011) Identifying care actions to conserve dignity in end-of-life care. British Journal of Community Nursing. 16 (5). p. 238 a 245.

You need to critically appraise the article using the CASP critical appraisal tool. Within the appraisal of the research you need to consider the methodologies utilised by the researchers and refer to the research methodology literature to support and discuss the methodologies utilised; If you wish, you may leave in the sub-headings of your appraisal tool a these headings will not count within your word count; Approx 1500 words
Nursing values: with reference to your chosen article, consider the influence that evidence and values have upon the collaborative decision making process within health care practice. Review and consider the evidence regarding the decision making process, consider the evidence from the patients and health professionalsa perspective. Consider the impact nursing values may have upon the decision making process Approx 1500 words