Essay of 2500 word, just choose from the list

there are 16 titles, I need to submit 2 essay of 2500 words. Feel free to choose. (That is why I ordered a 5000 words essay, it is better to be written by one author) Pls get back to me if you need clarification.

PO 924/2010

Foreign Policy Analysis

Essay Titles

Students are required to write 2 essays, each of approximately 2500 words. Each essay is worth 50% of the final mark for the module. Essays must be chosen from the list. Please note that what is required is a British type examination answer and NOT an  American type term paper.

Proposed Questions:

1. Analyse the different meanings that can be given to the notion of  foreign policy . Give reasons behind your analysis.

2. How do we define diplomacy and what do diplomats do? Give reasons for your definition.

3. Analyse the processes of multilateral diplomacy in a parliamentary and a conference setting. Give examples.

4. What is your agenda of global challenges over the next two decades? Give reasons for your choice.

5. Analyse the processes of problem solving workshops and assess their relevance.

6.  The rational actor model is a misguidingly simplistic model of foreign policy decision-making. Discuss, giving reasons for your analysis.

7.  Where you stand depends on where you sit. (After Allison) Is this an important or unimportant phenomenon in foreign policy decision making? Give reasons and examples.

8. Why do some states have a foreign policy stance of non-alignment and others not? Give reasons and examples.

9. Is international law seen as a guide to behaviour in foreign policy?

10. Analyse the factors facilitating international integration. Give reasons and examples.

11. Analyse the propensity of functionalist approaches to lead to a  working peace system .

12. What are the requirements for global leadership and does the United States fulfil them? Give reasons.

13.  In the end those with a preponderance of coercive power prevail. Discuss, giving reasons for your analysis.

14. Is democratic peace theory a panacea? Define the theory and assess its appropriateness as a guide to policy.

15. Does academic  truth have something important to say to practitioners  power ? Give reasons and examples.

16. What, if anything, has this module taught you about decision-making leading up to and during the Copenhagen Climate Conference?