Essay questions: 1) Death and the Everyday 2) The spectacle of Terror (*details below)

first essay question:
Death and the Everyday
Discuss the different ways in which our everyday encounters with death are mediated.

second essay question:
The Spectacle of Terror
The saturation of visual media in our lives has changed the way we view the world, and with it our relation to death and violence. Discuss with reference to the events of 9/11.

***Each answer should comprise an essay between 1200-1500 words in length.

the usual protocols concerning academic essays apply (for example, referencing and citation styles, the University policy on plagiarism, etc)

Please write carefully as it is worth half of the unit mark, thank you gor your attention and sorry for any inconvience…there is no specific content but please base on the unit outlinie which I will upload later. Thank you