Essay questions Training & Development

There will be 5 essay questions. A soon as a writer has been assigned, I will upload 5 essay questions file immediately. I have just 3 hours. I have to get answers back in 3 hours ( There will be no extension, no extra time). The writer should analyze and discuss questions very well.
These questions will be about;
1-Training Design Process( 1.stepconducting needs assessment 2.step-Ensuring employees readiness for training 3.stepcreating a learning environment 4.step-ensuring transfer of training 5.stepdeveloping an evaluation plan 6.step-selecting training method 7.stepmonitoring and evaluating the program)
2-Learning Theories ( Social Learning Theory, Reinforcement Theory, Goal Theory, Need Theory, Expectancy Theory, Adult Learning Theory, Information Processing Theory)
3-Training Evaluation Process ( 1.step -conduct a needs analysis 2.step-develop measurable learning objectives and analyze transfer of training 3.stepdevelop outcome measures 4.step -choose an evaluation strategy 5.stepplan and execute the evaluation)
4Needs Assessment Process

5Transfer of Training Process
6Transfer of Training Theories-Approaches ( 1-Identical Elements Theory, 2-Stimulus Generalization Approach, 3-Cognitive Theory)
7Technologys influence on training and learning and choosing new technology training methods
8-Approaches to employee development ( 1-Formal Education, 2Assessment. 3job experience, 4interpersonal relationship)
9Stages of the typical career (1-Professional goals and motivation; what professional goals do i have? what excites me to grow professionally? 2Talents and strengths; what are my talents and strengths?, 3 Development opportunities; what development needs are important to improve?, 4Development objectives and action steps; what will be my objective for this plan? what steps can i take to meet the objective?)
10Training Outcomes ( 1reactions outcomes, 2-learning or cognitive outcomes, 3behavior and skill based outcomes, 4affective outcomes, 5result , 6Return on investment)