Essay The benefits of a literature review

For this assessment you are required to explain why students need to include a literature review as part of their assessed work. You should define your understanding of a literature review and its purpose. You also need to consider the benefits that can be gained from including a literature review in your work.

Literature Review Assessment Guidance for students

In this essay you must remember to:

a? Include a clear introduction to explain the purpose of the essay and what is covered in it

a? Use clear examples to support your discussions

a? Refer to relevant theories to support your arguments

a? Make reference to experiences that are relevant, such as your previous experience of writing a literature review for an assessed piece of work.

a? Include a conclusion that provides an overview of the work and any closing comments

Donat forget!

a? This is an essay and not a report so apart from the cover page and title, you should avoid including sub-headings, pictures and, graphs etc

a? The essay needs to be evaluative with relevant discussions based on your understanding of the meaning, purpose and benefits of a literature review formed as a result (yours and the authors).

a? The essay needs to be clearly written, so check the grammar and spelling before handing it in