Essays 1) Does Aristotle have a coherent theory of justice? 2) Which European Country

a?Which European country is the most democratic?a
In the essay outline an ideal of democracy based on Arend
Lijphart and evaluate which European country comes closest to that ideal. This is a comparative essay and must involve a discussion of the political systemsof two European countries. This essay should be 2000words.
2) Does Aristotle have a coherent theory of justice?
You must be analytical and critical, not merely descriptive: you need a robust and defensible argument, and should offer a clear response to the question. You must be balanced but should not sit on the fence: you should give both sides of an argument, but only in order to strengthen your own case.

Organize your essay logically around particular points, themes, or issues that you identify clearly in your introduction. The best way to provide your essay with a coherent structure is to identify your argument at the very start and then organise your essay around a defence of the argument.

a?Writing style
You must write clearly: grammar, punctuation, syntax, spelling, and word choice are all very important. Be sure to proof read your essay to avoid mistakes: it may help to have someone else read it, or to read it aloud to yourself, in order to be certain that it makes sense.

This is a Politics module, so you must use the Harvard system of referencing.
This essay should be 2,500 words long.