Estalt Princples and Perceptual Processing Please read and let me know if you have any questions.

Essay: Gestalt Princples and Perceptual Processing.
Instructions When viewing the world, we have many perceptual shortcuts that allow us to make rapid interpretations of what we observe. The Gestalt psychologists identified a series of principles that apply to visual interpretation in many situations. We will be exploring some of them.

As you complete this exercise, consider the following:

a?What are some of the principles identified by the Gestalt psychologists that we use everyday? .
a?What type of processing is involved in applying these principles? .
a?How does sensation differ from perception? .

By the end of this activity, you will be able to:

a?identify some of the Gestalt Principles associated with perception .
a?compare and contrast the process of sensation and perception .
a?discuss Gestalt psychologyas contribution to understanding perception .

Complete the following exercise:Please open the following link to the Gestalt Worksheet.Gestalt Principles Worksheet.docxWhen your worksheet opens you will see five different drawings that are also in your textbook. Underneath the drawings are questions that refer to the drawings.

Please answer all the questions on the worksheet and save it as a Word document. When you have completed the worksheet, save it to your computer and submit it to your instructor in the drop box associated with this activity.

Compose your responses in the Worksheet provided and save it frequently to your computer.When you are ready, post the assignment in the drop box provided. In your response, be sure to include information from the textbook or other dedicated psychology sources. Be sure to use APA style citations and references to show where sources were used in your response. Also, proofread carefully before submitting