Et a English name for a Chinese company

To get an English name for a Chinese company, which design, manufacture and sell the components of electric bicycle and e-scooter. Such as brake, light?display, and switch. This companyi??s core competitive advantages are innovative designing and good quality. It already has good reputation in this industrial in China. Now this company is going to expanding business to Europe and American.
The Chinese name is Wuxing, which direct translation is i??Five Starsi??.
Now we need to get an English name for this company with following requirements:
1. The name needs make people to perceive the products as good quality, reliable, innovative design or lifestyle.
2. The name could have related meaning of i??Five Starsi??
3. The name need to be understood by European and American, which means it should be acceptable for English speakers.
4. May be it could get some inspirations from Greek mythology.

This companyi??s Logo is this

And if you need more information of this company, the website of this company is
Make five potential names and explain the reasons and the meaning of each name.

Five potential names, Five !