Etting children talking during circle time: How can teachers make effective use of the talking object?


Write a journal article that presents my small-scale research project, informing the practice of others.

Provide evidence of selection and analysis of appropriate literature.
Justify the research methods used, including ethical considerations.
Demonstrate how my findings inform professional practice.

Assessment criteria

Knowledge and Clarity of Reasoning
Exceptionally comprehensive knowledge base. Ability to discriminate and justify key issues and relate them to the wider context. Lines of thought are innovative and transparent and the arguments are confidently expressed to develop and synthesise compelling and novel conclusions. Conclusions drawn make a new contribution to the knowledge base of learning and teaching, and there is clear evidence of originality in the work. Innovative thinker.

Interface between Theory and Practice in the Professional Context
Exceptional critical analysis of the interface between theory and practice, which evaluates and challenges theoretical adequacy and synthesises the development of professional practice. Exceptional evidence of self understanding which leads to creative and novel use of multiple frameworks for evaluation and synthesis and challenges current practice in the professional context.

Use of literature
Exceptional, discerning and balanced range of key peripheral primary and secondary sources demonstrating a very high level of critical evaluation and synthesis and the ability to challenge received wisdom in the subject. Outstanding evidence of wide reading on the subject and this s incorporated into novel conclusions.

Organisation of Material
Exceptional clarity of presentation that demonstrates ability to attend to all detailed aspects of organisation and structure of discussion and all supporting evidence.
Harvard referencing style.
Please see attached article and follow the structure, wordage and intended audience.