Etting Familiar with Psychological Science


Getting Familiar with Psychological Science

Select three divisions of the American Psychological Association (theres a table on page 4-5, as well as a list at the APA website if you dont have your book yet) that sound interesting to you. Go to
Which three divisions did you select?
Why did you select those particular divisions?
Did the descriptions/goals on the website match your expectations? In which ways?
Use your own reasoning or curiosity, based on your own anecdotal observations (from real-life, books, movies, TV, etc) to propose one research question for each division you chose.
Go to (???????) and find out for what

Roger W. Sperry
David D. Hubel & Torsten N. Weisel
Daniel Kahneman
Herbert A. Simon
won their respective Nobel prizes. Provide the main topic from the one-sentence summary for each researcher.